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Adaptive financial services, for an ever-changing industry.

No two clients in the financial services industry are alike. We provide a range of expertise and support to meet each client’s individual needs.
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    Technology-Driven Change

    We bridge the gap between business and technology.

    Bridgeforce understands that technology changes can be a source of concern and stress for organizations. Our IT practice mitigates areas of risk across the transformational journey.

    We bring the know-how to lead, advise, assess and run workstreams and activities based on need, so you can focus on success. Whether executing large technology migrations and replacements or infusing new capabilities to drive business value, we ensure that you maximize your return on investment.

    • Future-state IT and Target Operating Model (TOM) design
    • Vendor selection and management
    • Platform selection and business case
    • Complete change management for technology implementation
    • End-user training, support and customer communication
    Merger and Acquisition Support

    Bridgeforce has extensive experience in evaluating portfolios and entire lending businesses pre- and post-purchase. We help entities integrate activities associated with a merger or acquisition.

    Our depth of knowledge in the consumer and small business credit life cycle allows us to identify potential areas of risk in a purchase or an integration. By asking tough questions and not accepting any easy answers, we have helped our clients understand the potential risks and rewards of a loan business or portfolio purchase.

    • Portfolio Due Diligence
    • Profitability, Delinquency and Loss Trajectory
    • Growth and Runoff Trajectories
    • Integration Planning
    • Portfolio Conversion
    • Customer Journey Planning
    • Digital Experience Integration
    Customer Experience

    Today, consumers demand more transparency, less friction and quicker turnaround times in their financial services journeys than ever before.

    Bridgeforce can look at the entire customer journey to identify pain points and offer real-world solutions. We can compare your customers’ end-to-end experiences with industry best practices and customer expectations, as well as identify root causes for negative experiences—and provide the measures to solve them. We work with your internal teams to streamline cross-departmental actions and handoffs. We’ll then test our solutions on a small scale, before rolling them out across your entire organization.

    • Originations
    • Offer/Decision Speed
    • Customer Check Points
    • Issue Resolution
    • Expectation Management
    Vendor Management

    Bridgeforce has developed a proprietary vendor management program that provides standardized templates for a variety of vendor management activities.

    These include due diligence, vendor oversight and consequence matrices for failure to perform. We understand the necessary balance between operational needs and compliance/governance requirements, so we can help you build a structured approach that is consistent, controlled and easily managed.

    • Vendor Selection and Due Diligence
    • Vendor Oversight Playbook
    • Vendor Monitoring Scorecards
    • Vendor Management Operating Model, Governance and COE Development
    Management Information

    Data is pervasive. Sometimes, it’s difficult for financial institutions to capitalize on the information within that data.

    Other times, the management information system isn’t as robust as it should be. Using Bridgeforce’s deep background in financial services and our analytical/data management skills, we can help you identify the metrics to manage your business and quickly identify hot spots in your operations, ultimately driving positive change in your organization.

    • Develop MIS Dashboards
    • Design Data Warehouses
    • Identify and Monitor Critical KPIs and KRIs
    Process Efficiency

    Our experience working with a wide range of financial service products and functions allows us to offer an uncommon horizontal perspective.

    Our team’s horizontal expertise enables us to effectively look across your organization for process redundancies, cost efficiencies and time savings. From evaluating operating models across business areas and functions, to analyzing critical process workflows for digital-first strategies, we can design, implement and monitor optimal internal processes for greater efficiency while maximizing customer experience and reducing risk.

    • Create and Analyze End-to-End Process Map Diagrams
    • Substitute Manual Processes with Automated Digital Solutions
    • Analyze Results of Customer Outreach Efforts
    • Reviews Workflows Against SLA Targets
    • Leverage Internal Economies of Scale