Ty Stallworth Consultant

As a consultant at Bridgeforce, Ty is a dedicated and adaptive professional looking for successful results for our clients. Ty is an enthusiastic team member who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

He continually challenges himself to learn and be the best resource for Bridgeforce and our clients. Ty has been a supportive team member on credit reporting, marketing analysis and risk management projects. Most recently, he has focused on how upstream operations lead to process mapping and eventually Metro 2® reporting.

Ty currently resides in West Chester PA, the same town he attended college. He is as enthusiastic about sports as he is with his consulting.

“Ty has really stepped up and outside of his comfort zone on this credit reporting process project...He is jumping across three different projects right now and is managing the ability to focus well.”

Specialty Areas:

  • Data Modeling
  • Training
  • Policy and Procedure Review/Development
  • Collections
  • Data Analysis