Michael Orefice Director, IT

Michael brings more than 25 years of industry experience in IT,  and analytics-based automation. Through his work building advanced solution ecosystems, he consistently challenges clients—and the greater industry—to minimize dependency on manual, over-subscribed resources to drive better top-line performance.

As the Director of Bridgeforce’s IT Practice, Michael leads the delivery of technology-dependent business solutions and digital enablement. He helps financial institutions design and implement digital transformation strategies in default.

Over the course of several decades,Michael has developed an expertise in financial-service IT, technology optimization, cloud computing, software development and service management. Currently, he accelerates business outcomes and drives operational agility with a focus on implementing complex digital communication strategies and platform transformation projects. Recent projects include implementing core collections platforms and advanced digital solutions for various clients. Michael has also used his experience in advanced data analytics to define new ways of using data to improve cure rates and customer engagement.

Michael has spent his professional career on the cutting edge of business technology as it has matured in the financial services industry. Before joining Bridgeforce, he led an advanced analytics company focused on quantitative sciences and predictive analytics for customer experience.

Residing in Georgia, Michael spends his summer months at his kids’ sporting events, ranging from tennis and lacrosse to basketball and baseball.

Specialty Areas:

  • Digital Banking Platforms
  • Customer Experience and Analytics
  • Technology Optimization for Business Outputs
  • Advanced Orchestration and Process Automation