Jackie Sullivan Senior Program Manager

Jackie integrates seamlessly into client teams and brings knowledge of all industry topics to bear, along with the fortitude to help sleuth out the best solution for client success.

Starting out as a customer service rep at a community bank over 20 years ago, Jackie’s subject matter expertise now spans collections and recoveries technology, implementations, large system migration, third-party integrations, development of test plans, scripts and customer contact strategies. Over 20 years later, she has led numerous banking projects covering all aspects of the customer life cycle across the EU/UK, Asia Pacific and North America.

Most recently, Jackie worked on a credit bureau reporting project that involved in-depth mapping of multiple systems and portfolios. On this project, she was instrumental in process flows, data accuracy and stakeholder communications.

Jackie is originally from Delaware and now lives in Howden, England with her daughter.

Specialty Areas:

  • Collections Technology Implementation/ Customer Journey
  • Payments Integration
  • Platform Conversions
  • Contact Strategies